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Spammers are using programmes called "Spiders" to collect email addresses from web pages on the Internet. If you have an email on your site, this can be captured by the spiders and sent straight to the database of the spammers. The spammers then send you lots of spam and also sell your email address to other spammers.

This page is designed to prevent those spiders from gaining "good email addresses". Every visit to this page produces a list of fake emails ( see further down this page). The spider collects those email addresses and then follows the links at the bottom. Each of those links goes to another page, like this one, that generates lots of fake email addresses. There is even a link back to this page that will then produce another list of fake email addresses forever! ( I really feel sorry for those spammers , NOT )

In a very short time the spiders will have collected many millions of fake email addresses to clog up the spammers databases. Making the database unusable. It will at least take them hours to remove all the generated email addresses before they can start again. Then maybe the spammers will see that people are starting to take real action against them and their illegal activities.

Read more about these services at Anti-Leech.com and Bobbers
There is a nice programe to download from Bobbers to help you fight against the spammer. Click Here for Bobbers Download.

Now generating false emails:

Here are some other sites that are taking action to stop spammers.
Why not pay them a visit.

Hey spambot! How about another round? Anti-Leech ->

Here is another trap for the spiders:- UncleBobsuncle trap

Yet another trap for the spiders:- spamjunkyard trap

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