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Man gives milk to snake - on flight.

South Florida man bitten by the deadliest snake in United States.

Man Gives 30,000 Mice to Oklahoma City

Endangered turtles found in cargo of tomatoes

Previous Items.

Gators displayed then eaten at theme park

Python scare for bus passengers

roommates shared home with homeless snakes

Officials hope to eradicate coqui frogs with citric acid

Banned veiled chameleon lizards taking hold on Maui


Zoo successfully breeds threatened toad species

Poisonous cane toads threaten to ravage national park's ecosystem

Grimes teen injects himself with venom

Oregon City Bans Pet Alligators.

Pet store draws complaints, but state says it's OK.


Study shows poisonous snakes bite as last resort.

Natural trail designed to take fear out of nature's creatures.

Environmentalists are still hope for the release of northern pine snakes back into their natural habitat.

Woman not afraid of grabbing life by the tail

Just all in a day's work.
Carpet python attacks keeper.

Vandals steal snakes from ‘run-down’ city zoo.
Glasgow Zoo.

Volunteerskeep zoo going.

Scientists find Jurassic Age dinosaur vomit.

Python tried to eat owners girlfriend.

Iguana tips heating lamp, survives fire.

Aurora man strangled by pet python.

Reptile theft on the rise.

Reptile collection visits local school

Liverpool woman finds snake in her trainer

RSPCA speak out about exotic pets. (again)

Iguana bites off boy's fingertip.

Animal threats to humans studied

Charlie the boa needs home

Australian Mum saves son bitten by snake

Snake bite treatment sales boost Protherics

Biologists Discover World's Smallest Lizard

King snake's reign may be nearing end.

Zoo hoping to spark a reptilian romance.

Was Snake Snack Live Puppy or Dead Rat?

Spiders and snakes at Fairplex show