Reptile information Sheets

Written by Stephen Sharp.

I have had a number of papers published via the I.H.S. (International Herpetologicial Society) over the many years I have been a member of that society. I have also written a number of pages on how to keep several species. Please click on the links below to view the details. Please note that all the pages are based on my personal views and my years of experiece with these animals. Other reptile keepers may not agree with the content of some of the pages linked below. I would be pleased to receive your views. An email link is at the bottom of this page, should you chose to contact me. HAPPY READING.

Destroying Mites in a snake collection.
I often hear of people struggling to kill mites in their snake collections.
Mites can be a real problem that can pass on disease to your whole collection.
So they should not be taken to lightly.
For more details of this specie click HERE.

South Africian House Snakes make excellent pets. I bred these for several years.
For more details of this specie click HERE.

These are lizards that live in Australia and the northern islands.
Click HERE for details on this specie.

The western Fox Snake is one of my personal favorite snakes.
To find out why click HERE.

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